Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Obivously most people who have followed the progress of this blog over the years would realise that it's becoming increasingly difficult to buy the Lexcom parts.

If anyone has any leads on where these components can still be purchased, please put a comment in on this post.


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Andy Mayman said...

Hi, I found your blog when we were having problems with our LexCom system following a powercut. I'm not sure if you're are still trying to source parts but I managed to get some parts from a French company called Domomat http://www.domomat.com/ delivery took between 2 and 3 weeks and cost 13 euros. I found the easiest way to find the parts was to get the part number off the Schneider website and if you search for that there's a few suppliers in mainland Europe. My French is pretty basic but with the help of google translate it was pretty straight forward. I hope this is useful.